Realize business benefits that increase the value of existing relationships and IT investments.

Increase Revenue with Faster Implementation

The ability to interact across systems improves the speed of interaction, allowing for more rapid response to requests. Having your clients data appear in your systems allows you to leverage your investments in automation.

Analytics and Trusted Data

Improve decision-making by easing access to e-documents and industry formats contained in legacy systems. Data becomes authoritative and trusted for better business decisions.

Reduced Risk and Compliance Exposure

Structured data exchanged between systems reflect the rules governing the use of that data. Industry compliance can be clearly demonstrated when information is traceable to governing standards associated with healthcare, supply chain, procurement, financial and payment workflows. The ability to translate, validate, route and convert while maintaining traceability to authoritative events demonstrates auditability and compliance.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The RD integration platform is configurable and adjustable. It is not bound to any proprietary ERP systems or software applications. Because it is flexible, it can accommodate changes in relationships, applications and government standards over time.

Translate Multiple Formats and Meet Standards

Translation of data formats across several applications - not just two. This includes enabling business-to-business (B2B) communication that conforms to a standard (and potentially complex) data format such as electronic data interchange (EDI) or XML. Accommodate diverse systems with the RD Integration Platform. Comply with your industry's standards (complex EDI or XML) and regulatory requirements in real time, avoiding penalties and loss of data.

Talk with Multiple Software Applications

Data transferred between multiple applications, each of which might support a different communication mechanism. The RD Platform offers multiple communication plugins.

Route and Process Based on Your Needs

Create and execute logic needed to drive the business process. Because this logic extends beyond the application, it needs a scalable server to run in - something available as part of the RD integration platform. The RD Platform manages complex workflow between applications.

Accommodate Growth and Change

Effective tools for creating, then managing process logic and data translations are essential. This is especially true when the process, the communication mechanisms, or the application data formats change as services grow or new policies are introduced.

When a system requires integration, you'll generally be better off with the RD Integration Platform. Our rules engine can be easily updated as programs and process evolve with the growth of your company. While it's possible to build your own, the economics of purchasing a product are likely to be more attractive.