RD Cross-Over

This is the RD Integration Platform's powerful data transformation engine. It provides built-in capabilities for achieving data transformation operations of varying complexity.

Convert Data

It is the run-time execution engine for integration solutions and is designed in RD Integration Architect. This module is logically decoupled from the other components of the product, enabling users to separate solution design environments from solution implementations.

Cross-Over includes built-in execution trace and error logging, which assists with problem management and audit control, and a command-line interface that enables scripts to be executed by RD Scheduler or third-party scheduling products.


This module includes a dedicated repository that houses scripts and business rules, which are accessed by RD Cross-Over when solutions are executed. Any number of databases can be created, and each is stored as a single file that can reside in any computer or in the cloud.

The databases do NOT reside on a dedicated LAN server and thus do NOT require LAN support and ongoing maintenance - a key drawback of many data translation tools. In addition, when creating scripts for new application integrations, objects can be simply imported from existing databases. There's no need to redo work.