RD Integration Platform

The ultimate suite of modules for direct integration and workflow processing. The RD Integration Platfrom combines our unique set of software products into one comprehensive integration and data processing package.

Integrate existing or new investments in technology without having to develop hand-coded software solutions, purchase expensive integration platforms, or be limited to pre-existing integration 'plug-ins' sold by traditional integration vendors.

Data Exchange and Aggregation

The RD Integration Platform handles the necessary conversions and transformations required to deliver relevant information, in the format required to the appropriate files, databases, applications or message queues. The platform transforms and exchanges data between distributed heterogeneous computer systems:

- Unifying data, processes, and services with seamless integration across different software systems
- Transforming business information across different workflows and platform siloes
- Unlocking the power of your data without having to code customized integration solutions
- Foundation for metadata analytics

Platform Modules

The RD Integration Platform features a flexible architecture that supports the integration of multiple applications and legacy platforms.

The Platform is modular and is made up of several interactive components that support the Integration Broker production environment:

- RD Integration Architect for designing your solutions
- RD Scheduler for event execution
- RD Cross-Over transformation engine
- RD Repository where solutions are stored
- Communication Plug-ins

Solve your operational data integration requirements easier, faster and cheaper with RDC's Integration Platform.