Access to the RD Integration platform starts at $2,500.00 for the core product offering.


- Multi-domain, multi-format on a single platform
- Configurable integration templates (we'll show you how)
- Near real-time transaction processing
- Any-to-any synchronization
- Bi-directional Data Loading and Extraction
- Queue, database, of file integration
- Centralized rules management
- Automated scheduling
- No-code, wizard driven
- Connectors for popular forms of communication
- Data replication
- Look-ups

RD professional services are recommended to get you started and to train core personnel if needed. In addition to deployment, we can also help script various look-ups, inbound or outbound logic if needed.

Pricing for our real time cloud integration service depends on complexity of your workflow, the number of transaction types and number of transformations needed. High volume, high availability support packages are available.

We provide free assessments of your requirements and will provide a balanced approach that address your needs and budget.